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Marketing is a lot like music.
To engage it must
 move you. 

Meaningful Marketing
Like music — for marketing to engage it must move you.
Strategies + Tactics to Move your Brand Forward

With a depth of experience in marketing and communications,
Bragg Marketing creates strategies, provides coaching and develops initiatives
and tactics that result in ever-increasing sales and meaningful engagement.


Let's work together to spark a conversation around your brand.

Strategic Marketing

While it's tempting to treat your marketing needs as a laundry list of to-do tasks, it's only when they match back to specific tactics with an overall marketing strategy that your brand will grow and thrive with purpose and higher sales. 


Bragg Marketing worked hand-in-hand with the leading craft brewery, Urban South to develop its comprehensive marketing plan that included specific omnichannel strategies, brand architecture and voice, a marketing budget, and overall brand tactics.

The result? A formidable marketing plan with a solid framework that was also easy to execute on immediately. 

Urban South Beer.jpg

Brand Development + Communications

New brands and existing legacy brands need a creative and action-oriented approach that taps into the ever-evolving digital, social and experience-focused world.


When a new hot sauce, Bombanana—created by four University
of Michigan students—needed help raising brand awareness and sales, Bragg Marketing honed in on growing this startup with messaging around its compelling founder story. The result: a PR campaign that raised brand awareness and drove sales
of its unique banana-based hot sauces

Bragg Marketing helps you shape and guide strategies that get people engaged and keeps them coming back.

Brand Building + Collaborations

Be memorable.


That’s how an Allbirds X Shake Shack marketing collab came together. What started as finding a way to drive foot traffic and get some PR—ended in crafting both a custom Shake Shack Allbirds shoe and a custom Allbirds Shake Shack shake that sold out in hours and had people raving about both brands.

Bragg Marketing will align your brand with a whole new audience and build a following.



Digital + Growth + Social

Drive conversation around your product and increase online sales

When GOGO JEWELRY decided to grow its consumer engagement and e-commerce business, we developed a content calendar and social strategies that resulted in results-driven campaigns.

More importantly, it resulted in more conversation around GOGO’s unique designs, meaning more sales.​



Events + Experiential

When everyone is constantly looking down at their phones, it can take a jaw dropping event or unforgettable experience to get people to even look up. 


When we opened Shake Shack in West Hollywood, we gave this art-loving community an interactive outdoor art exhibit at its construction site, while the restaurant was built. Creating, the Happy Wall! 

We commissioned Danish artist Thomas Dambo to produce a dynamic mural and ever-changing, non-tech installation consisting of 1,664 hand-tooled wooden pixels crafted from repurposed materials.
The Happy Wall became a place of self-expression and  joy for several months. 

Let's get more people to actively engage with your brand in unexpected ways. #happywall

Data Analytics + Research

Need to know your customer better? We’ve conducted extensive quantitative and qualitative studies, working with trusted research partners to not only reveal the demographics and psychographics of customers, but also show buying preferences to guide product development. 


With GQ, a leading brand in men’s grooming, we partnered with Allure, the premier brand in women’s beauty to better understand the ever-changing beauty and grooming category with extensive research and data analytics. The key finding, men are becoming more like women in their involvement and spending in style and beauty.

Let's dig into the research,
and let the data guide your decisions.

Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 3.31.02 PM.png

Creative Strategy + Content Marketing

Good creative must inspire the imagination,
resulting in action and most importantly, buying.


When KREWE eyewear decided to create an athleisure line of sunglasses, we dreamed up a campaign together with talented creative direction. The result was a campaign around the tag line, Whatever Moves You, which included visually-arresting imagery that was all movement-focused and tied to
the brand extension, ACTIVE.


Those assets provided a broad theme that we amplified into micro-moments (the buzz word is atomization) across digital, social, PR, email marketing and more to much success.

Creative should hone in on what needs to be communicated, and result in something fun that everyone remembers.

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